When do you need a mouth guard?

Any time you participate in Sports!

Protect your Smile

Let’s work together to protect your smile! By just wearing a mouth guard, you reduce the risk of knocking out teeth or breaking your jaw. Especially when you are wearing braces, injuries can happen more frequently and be more severe.

Chances are if you play in organized sports, your couch may already require you to wear a mouth guard. But did you know that even when you’re riding your bike or playing a game with your neighborhood friends it is a good idea to wear a mouth guard?

Any time you’re engaged in an activity where your face can come into contact with something hard – another player, a ball, the pavement, or any other hard object – it’s an ideal time to be wearing a mouth guard!

Repairing any kind of accident that occurs to the teeth and jaws is uncomfortable for the patient and can cost thousands of dollars. Many injuries can be far less severe or even prevented altogether by simply wearing a mouth guard.

Braces and Mouth Guards

It becomes even more essential to wear a mouth guard during any type of contact sports when wearing braces. An injury that occurs with braces, will often times cause more trauma to the mouth/lips/faces, than without braces. At Milberg Orthodontics, we carry special mouth guards with ‘braces-channels,’ designed to fit over the upper and lower braces. They are designed to be worn with and without straps, and should be worn any time you may come into contact with a hard object.