What is Incognito or lingual braces?


Placed behind the teeth, lingual, or Incognito Braces, are a 100% customized system of brackets and wires that allow patients to smile confidently throughout treatment without the visibility of metal braces. Along with being discreet, Incognito Hidden Braces can treat all types of orthodontic cases.

Many patients, particularly adult professionals and older teens, want straight teeth but prefer a less obtrusive treatment option, with Incognito Hidden Braces, we are able to expand the choices available for our patients and provide the highest quality of treatment

How does Incognito work?

Milberg Orthodontics


Using a precise impression of the patient’s mouth, a digital model is created. Wires are robotically bent and brackets are digitally designed and cast in gold to fit the exact dimensions of a patient’s tooth.

Unlike removable invisible treatment options, like Invisalign or Clarity Aligners, Incognito Hidden Braces are always working to ensure patients reach their treatment outcomes.