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Personalized Care is our

Welcome to Milberg Orthodontics - Your San Diego, CA Orthodontists

Having a beautiful, healthy smile can change your life. When you know your teeth look their best, you move confidently through the world, comfortable in your appearance, smiling and laughing with ease. Dr. Diane J. Milberg, Dr. Laura Milberg Rein, and our orthodontic team love creating confidence-building, life-changing smiles for our patients. We’d love to create one for you, too, at our office in Park West!

We will develop a personalized treatment plan, based on your unique needs and lifestyle, to straighten your teeth. This means a faster treatment process, which is more comfortable and creates the strongest results.

Our practice is known for delivering patient-focused care. We believe in caring for the whole person, not just their orthodontic needs, and in getting to know each patient on a personal level. Dr. Milberg, Dr. Milberg Rein, and our team members are passionate about building long-term relationships with each person in our care, while we create their amazing new smile in Park West.

Some of the orthodontic options we offer include:

We offer complimentary consultations at our two orthodontic offices, at our San Diego orthodontic office and our Coronado orthodontic office. To schedule a consultation, and for more information about how we can create a healthy smile for you, please call or request an appointment.

Our team at Milberg Orthodontics can’t wait to welcome you to our orthodontic family and start you on the path to a confident smile you’ll love sharing with the world!


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